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Foreign Trade's ultra modern facilities greatly increase the scope of our operations, providing unlimited capabilities for efficient and expeditious packing and processing. Our personnel have extensive experience packing and protecting a wide range of commodities with specialization in upstream and downstream oil field equipment. Foreign Trade always has the destination country's capabilities in mind for storage and security.

Foreign Trade's packing capabilities include:

Export Crating
Project Marshalling
Pipe bundling
Container loading / Drayage
Shrink Wrapping
Dock delivery and pick up
Offsite project packing

Foreign Trade's Packing Process

Foreign Trade begins the packing process with receipt of our customers purchase orders, received electronically, by fax, by mail or via Foreign Trade's courier. When material and equipment are received by truck, it is unloaded, visually inspected, counted, and logged into our computer. All unpacked material, other than pipe and very large equipment is stored in our computer numbered warehouse storage racks maximizing availability and minimizing exposure to the elements.

Preparations of the material receipts includes an itemized report of items received, quantity and weight, notation of any discrepancies, and if requested, follow up with suppliers. Foreign Trade's receiving report includes a purchase order number, delivering carrier, waybill number, Foreign Trade material receipt number, indication if the order is partial or complete and if the material is hazardous. Material receipts, (M.R.'s) are then prepared and transmitted to the customer.

In accordance with the customer's shipping instructions, boxes, skids, crates, bundles, hoods, etc. are individually designed and constructed for specific material. Foreign Trade's packing material and workmanship generally exceed all specifications required by the industry.
Packages are then marked to conform to port requirements and customer specifications. Packing lists containing all necessary information, i.e. weights, measurements, P.O. numbers, M.R. numbers and line item description are prepared and forwarded as instructed. Computerized delivery orders are generated and the cargo is delivered to the pier by Foreign Trade's truck fleet.

Procedures for receipt and preparation of materials for airfreight are similar to ocean export packing. For air cargo purposes, I.A.T.A. approved, lightweight containers are used when applicable. When other packing processes are used, consideration is given to weight and protection. To receive the benefit of lower rates, consolidations are available weekly or can be arranged to suit the shipper's schedule.