Houston Caracas Dubai Aberdeen Singapore

Foreign Trade's 8-acre complex contains:

6 acres of paved yard, fenced, internal drainage systems, electronic burglar alarms and high level 24 hour lighting
Electric, limited access security gates
90,000+ sq. feet of secured warehouse space
(4) dock, contained drum handling facility
Dual overhead cranes w/ a total lifting capacity of 13 tons
On site lifting capacity in excess of 120,000 lbs. (54,432 kgm)
24' (7.32 mtr) high overhead clearance in warehouse
3 Car Rail Siding
18 forklifts up to 65,000 (29,483 kgm) capacity
6 semi-tractors
48' (15.75 mtr) flat trailer
(3) 50' (15.24 mtr) air ride lowboy trailers w/ container locks
Chassis Pool
Customer office space available